The tenth edition of Blanc Festival consists of three days:
Thursday, October 18: Campus Blanc and CREMA Award.
Friday, October 19: Masterclasses and Conferences.
Saturday, October 20: Conferences and Blanc Nit Bestial Party.

The schedules and days of the conferences and activities could be modificated without obligation of previous notice or refund of the amount of the tickets.

09:00 h

Laura Garcia Cosculluela

EASD Serra i Abella09:00 h

GRRL! is a graphic design project that poses a critical discourse around gender, seeking the creation of activist strategies based on artistic and political experimentation. This project, based on a “fake”, creates a fictitious framework that seeks to open new perspectives in the receiver and thus act as a critical and discussion tool. Guerrilla action […]

09:00 h

Carlos Álvarez-Valdés Giménez

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art09:00 h

“Lineal” is a digital publishing project that aims to make the reader reflect on their consumption habits and their consequences. From a series of products, the project traces the history from their production, transport, marketing … until it reaches the supermarket shelf, and the path that will follow once used. In this way, all the […]

09:00 h

Andrea Canelo Pegueroles

Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi09:00 h

Under the general framework of a final degree project, I intend to send a message of empowerment to the speakers of the Tortosí dialect, who share the misconception that only the words of the central dialect are considered correct. Current actions in favor of Tortosí are limited to colloquial use and are treated from humor. […]

09:00 h

Arnau Gracia Garcia

Seeway09:00 h

Happiness is surely one of the moods that we all want and seek. But really, what is behind it? What brings us happiness? After an extensive research, and in summary, two doctors and psychologists mark the fate of this project. On the one hand, Dr. Martin Seligman (Psychologist, Princeton University), who in several of his […]

09:00 h

Carlota Mas Ruiz

ESDAP Catalunya, Campus LLOTJA09:00 h

“Mimosa” is a project that arises from the concern to explain the menstrual cycle from a feminist point of view, useful, complete and alternative to the big brands dedicated to the products of intimate hygiene. Why? Because we are fed up, upset, outraged, enough. Menstrual cycles are private, never secret. Enough invisibilization of our menstrual […]

09:00 h

Alejandra Segón Quer

IED Barcelona09:00 h

Society is embracing new forms of connection and communication. How people relate to each other and to the world is increassingly fast, open and interactive. Such an attitude is challenging brands and companies to gain speed and agility and to define images as lively and dynamic. “Fluid” is a research project focused on the methodology […]

09:00 h

Cinta Hosta Guedea

Idep Barcelona www.idep.es09:00 h

ト イ レ Toire is a book about the experience of going to the toilet in Japan. The concept was born from an essay written by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, a grumpy Japanese of the thirties. Tanizaki speaks with a great passion about the traditional Japanese toilets and all the poetic concepts that they hide behind. Explain […]

09:00 h


Mr. Marcel School09:00 h

We have all heard a thousand times the phrase that says children are very creative. But what is creativity? What do we understand as creativity? If we believe that creativity is imaginative and very playful, children are very creative. But if we think of creativity as an engine of change or as a channel to […]

09:00 h


BAU, Centre Universitari de Disseny09:00 h

Act as a man is a project that arises from a simple question: What is a “really man”? This work tries to show how it harms the man, and for all those around him, the hegemonic masculinity, the way he relates to his environment in different contexts and how the concept of violence and dominance […]

09:00 h

Ester Arrebola Vega

Elisava09:00 h

Virtual normality is situated in the current historical context, where the Internet tool provokes new attitudes and behaviors in people. Through observation and reflection of common actions in the digital environment (like, scroll, upload a file to the cloud, etc.) we can glimpse many other things that perhaps, a priori, we had not stopped to […]

09:00 h

David Caules

ICCIC09:00 h

Graphic Design Project of an exhibition of the “Article salat” (Catalan dialect) where the result should show a graph that reflects the conservation of this language and the motivation so that it’s not lost. The purpose of this project is to create a new way of seeing the language. An exhibition where the concept is […]

09:00 h

Diana de Arias

EASD | Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de València09:00 h

Decedario is a therapeutic board game, to help rehabilitation in people with language and communication difficulties caused by Acquired Brain Damage, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome and dyslexia, among others. It can be used both by therapists and affected people. Both at home and in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and day centers. Decedario arises as a […]

09:00 h

Josep Macià Batet

Illa Escola d'Art i Disseny09:00 h

In today’s society, which is increasingly globalized, we all know characters from many parts of the world, singers, artists, designers, etc. There are well known ones and often their fame dull other artists with less popularity. Their works or figure can not transcend beyond their regions and remain unknown by the majority of society. The […]

09:00 h

Jordi Brunet Bravo

ESDAP Catalunya Campus Pau Gargallo09:00 h

“Trosdepà, pa bo des de la llavor” is a campaign that aims to encourage environmental, conscious and responsible consumption in order to reduce environmental illiteracy and contribute to food sovereignty. From the raw material to the final product, all decisions are important and modify our environment and our lives. That is why Trosdepà pretends to […]

09:00 h

Campus Blanc

Presentación PFC09:00 h

Campus Blanc es el espacio dirigido a estudiantes de diseño y profesionales que quieran ver de primera mano lo mejor de la próxima camada de diseñadores. Las principales escuelas, universidades y centros que imparten carreras de diseño presentan el Proyecto Final de Carrera que más ha destacado este año. Más de 10 alumnos tendrán la […]

10:00 h

Margui Mora Ferrer

ESdesign10:00 h

Until proven otherwise, we will all die and it will always caought us by surprise. When I was a teenager, a friend of my mother died of cancer leaving two daughters. My mother told me ‘if I knew I was going to die, I would want to leave you all the answers to all the […]

10:00 h

Noe Blanco

Typography designer10:00 h

Typography designer born in Barcelona, where she graduated in Graphic Design at BAU and obtained the Master in Advanced Typography from Eina. In 2010 he decided to move to the Netherlands where he studied the Master Type and Media of the KABK in The Hague and since then he has been completely dedicated to the […]

10:40 h

Premio CREMA 2018

Winner CREMA Award 201810:40 h

A conference of the winner of the Crema Award, The Emerging Talent in Design Award 2018.

11:00 h

Javier Royo

Graphic Designer and Illustrator11:00 h

Founder and creative director of Chispum Studio, graphic design studio in Barcelona wich projects are developed in France, England, Italy, USA, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lebanon and Turkey. Creator of the brand of decorative wall stickers Chispum, in which he collaborates as an author. Illustrator for publishers such as Edelvives or Santillana and for […]

11:40 h


11:40 h

12:40 h

Jordi Duró

Graphic designer, Journalist12:40 h

He studied graphic design at the EINA school and journalism at the UAB. He was awarded with a scholarship by the Parsons School of Design in New York, where he obtains his BFA. He founded the Duró studio in Barcelona, dedicated to the creation and communication of brands. Since the founding of the newspaper Ara […]

13:20 h

Monstruo Espagueti

Graphic and creative humorist13:20 h

Monstruo Espagueti is the alter ego of Anastasia Bengoechea, a graphic and creative humorist. In 2017 he published his latest book, ¡Estás fatal! (Lunwerg). He has collaborated with different media and brands, such as El País Tentaciones, El País, Vogue, Nike, Samsung, etc. The childish stroke of his cartoons, his capacity to portray modern life […]

13:40 h

16:00 h

Ana illueca

Ceramist16:00 h

Ana had a great goal: to create durable, practical objects, full of character and that could be enjoyed every day. For this reason, she left her position as an advertising creative to become a ceramist and focus on creating tools to recover the beauty of the roots of Valencian ceramics and demonstrate that Japanese or […]

16:00 h

Eide Estudio

Graphic Design and Art Direction16:00 h

A small studio in a small city, but with a great talent and a lot of freshness. Leire and Maite, along with all their employees and customers, have put all their enthusiasm, good energy and great taste to create delicious works of brand identity and packaging, many of them gastronomic.

16:00 h

Núria Vila

Sustainable design16:00 h

Design thinking about the environment. Nuria Vila takes care of her work while taking care of the world. He says that everything is common sense, from the choice of materials to the ingenuity when thinking about how each creation can be reused. This graphic designer and art director has participated in numerous conferences and publications […]

16:00 h

The Bold Strategic Design Studio

Branding agency16:00 h

Their name is not accidental because Olmo García and Oliver Montiel decided to found Bold during one of the worst crises in this country. All a feat! And today, more than 10 years later, they still think that there is nothing riskier than not to risk. They describe themselves as a branding agency that had […]

16:40 h

Ana Mirats Studio

Graphic Design and Art Direction16:40 h

Ana Mirats is a Graphic Design and Art Direction studio founded in 2005, based in Barcelona, which works for clients at a national and international level. They work in different areas of design, such as publishing and editorial design, art direction, branding and web. They specialize in the creation of new brands in which they […]

17:20 h


17:20 h

17:50 h


Design Studio17:50 h

Naranjo–Etxeberria is constantly changing. It is not a design studio but a group of creative minds that work on the contemporary visual culture through a strong base on concepts. Established in 2014 and based in Madrid, N–E is a flexible team that collaborate with professional talent selected by mutual empathy and admiration which results in […]

18:50 h


18:50 h

19:20 h

Bruce Mau

Chief Design Officer Massive Change Network & Freeman19:20 h

Canadian designer Bruce Mau serves as Chief Design Officer of Freeman, and is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Massive Change Network (MCN), a global design consultancy based in Chicago. The work of the Canadian-born designer, innovator, visionary and author has been dedicated to applying the power of design to transforming the world. Informed […]

20:30 h

Alex Trochut

Graphic Design, Illustration and Typography20:30 h

Alex Trochut was born in 1981 in Barcelona, Spain. After completing his studies at Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny, Alex established his own design studio in Barcelona before relocating to New York City. Through his design, illustration and typographic practice he has developed an intuitive way of working that has resulted in his expressive visual […]