Alejandra Segón Quer
IED Barcelona
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

Society is embracing new forms of connection and communication. How people relate to each other and to the world is increassingly fast, open and interactive. Such an attitude is challenging brands and companies to gain speed and agility and to define images as lively and dynamic. “Fluid” is a research project focused on the methodology of flexible design systems for brands. The research of the project focuses on the adaptation process of the CCCB to the new communication channels and mediums. The development and design of the seek to remedy such communication problems by creating an image for the CCCB 25th anniversary.

The campaign designed to share the anniversary image is based on the speed of today’s changes and is representing it through an evolving shape that is affected by the number of interactions of the users on social media. The effect on the form varies depending on the hashtags used on the mentioned interactions and is divided according to the different topics. The image of the campaign is the shape together with a timecode that shows the time in which the form exists and presents a visible change, constant but unexpected and uncontrollable. With “Fluid” the center aims to reposition itself as a contemporary cultural center concentrated on reflecting upon and debating current topics and world situations.