Andrea Canelo Pegueroles
Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

Under the general framework of a final degree project, I intend to send a message of empowerment to the speakers of the Tortosí dialect, who share the misconception that only the words of the central dialect are considered correct. Current actions in favor of Tortosí are limited to colloquial use and are treated from humor. Through my proposal, the message adopts a serious and credible tone without losing the moment of play and interaction with the citizen.

A phased campaign is generated: the first phase pulls an unsolvable question that compares the word of the standard Catalan to name an object with its synonym tortosí, with the intention of generating doubt to the citizens. The vast majority will end up answering that the standard word is correct and may even think that it is being corrected. The feeling of frustration is reversed with the second phase, which contains the solution and reaffirms the validity of the Tortosí, since it remains at the same level of correction as the standard.

I consider important this type of exercises that focus on culture and the exaltation of the essence of a town or small territory. Caring for the characteristics of an area and feeding them positively, putting them in value, affects not only current generations but also future ones. With this project, then, I intend to offer the speakers of Tortosí, or rather, to offer us, a tool to speak with confidence and rediscover our dialect.