Arnau Gracia Garcia
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

Happiness is surely one of the moods that we all want and seek. But really, what is behind it? What brings us happiness?

After an extensive research, and in summary, two doctors and psychologists mark the fate of this project. On the one hand, Dr. Martin Seligman (Psychologist, Princeton University), who in several of his studies, explains that happiness is based on 60% of genetics and 40% of habits, and of these, one stands out, listening music. On the other hand, Dr. Stefan Koelsch (Psychologist and musician) highlights: “Nothing influences so much and has such a transcendental impact on the brain as music.”

With this starting point, we think of Sónar, Barcelona’s music, creativity and technology festival, which seeks to capture the influence and power of music over feelings in each new edition, in order to be the happiest festival on the planet.

With a new campaign that maintains the duality “reality and fiction”, characteristic ingredients in this festival, the project “The Sónar Happy Lab” was born. It’d work with a team of six neurologists specialized in musical and sensory exploration, whose objective is to find the formula to measure happiness in music. A formula that helps us to select the artists in charge of modifying the feelings during the festival. Some artists who will meet with the team of The Sónar Happy Lab, to choose and even compose each of the themes, thus ensuring that the new edition of Sónar will be the happiest in the entire world.