Carlota Mas Ruiz
ESDAP Catalunya, Campus LLOTJA
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

“Mimosa” is a project that arises from the concern to explain the menstrual cycle from a feminist point of view, useful, complete and alternative to the big brands dedicated to the products of intimate hygiene. Why?

Because we are fed up, upset, outraged, enough. Menstrual cycles are private, never secret. Enough invisibilization of our menstrual processes. Sufficient opacity in the components and materials of the intimate hygiene products. Pretty toxic for our vaginas. These products are basic needs for us, not a luxury. Let them stop capitalizing our body. We believe that the menstrual cycle is a natural ritual, therefore, it should be sustainable and environmentally responsible. We are not ashamed of our blood because its a sign of health. We want to be aware of our body, of our bleeding, to be able to choose how we want to take care of ourselves.

That’s the reasons why this project has been developed in the form of a “menstrual cycle empowerment kit”, with a critical and carefree perspective. In this kit each user can observe, experience and document their process with the help of basic and careful information, and with appropriate objects for each moment of the month. And as a consequence, decide which option or options favor you the most to take care of your rhythms, states and changes that you live during the process.