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Thursday 18 October 09:00h

ト イ レ Toire is a book about the experience of going to the toilet in Japan.

The concept was born from an essay written by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, a grumpy Japanese of the thirties.

Tanizaki speaks with a great passion about the traditional Japanese toilets and all the poetic concepts that they hide behind. Explain how the experience was in the past and how it has changed today due to Western influences and the introduction of new customs.

“It can be said that the element of Japanese architecture solved with more elegance is the sink.”

For us, the Westerners, a sink is a far from elegance, it is even a taboo subject. We do not see beyond functionality and we just want it to be easy to clean.

But in Japan the toilets are totally at another level. In the past you could feel the wabi-sabi in its maximum expression where the wooden floor and walls, which had a patina of time surrounded by the smells of rain because they used to be in the garden.

This precious experience has completely changed today. There are still powerful concepts behind, but not as poetic as before. Now they are focused on the comfort and satisfaction of the user beyond the extreme functionality and this is what makes them unique.