Jordi Brunet Bravo
ESDAP Catalunya Campus Pau Gargallo
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

“Trosdepà, pa bo des de la llavor” is a campaign that aims to encourage environmental, conscious and responsible consumption in order to reduce environmental illiteracy and contribute to food sovereignty. From the raw material to the final product, all decisions are important and modify our environment and our lives.

That is why Trosdepà pretends to be good from the beginning, that is, from the seed. It is also an experience in which producers, bakers and consumers collaborate and in which none of them loses. The campaign brings its work closer through the activity “Anem al gra?” where the consumer is given the opportunity to explore the field, the mill and the kiln where native ancient wheat varieties are recovered and where their results can also be tested.

The project includes the web design of the campaign, as well as a printed part in which the information leaflets of the activity “Anem al gra?” have been designed, in the form of paper envelope for bread. It also includes the design of the “auca” of Trosdepà and the industrial one and a canvas bag for the bread with the logo of the campaign.