Josep Macià Batet
Illa Escola d'Art i Disseny
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

In today’s society, which is increasingly globalized, we all know characters from many parts of the world, singers, artists, designers, etc. There are well known ones and often their fame dull other artists with less popularity. Their works or figure can not transcend beyond their regions and remain unknown by the majority of society.

The magazine ‘Link’ was born with the aim of being a channel where young people from all over the world can share and learn about the local cultural scene in other countries. In this way, a space of expression and discovery of all kinds of creatives is desired, inviting young people with artistic or creative interests to get to know each other.

It simply wants to bring the youth closer and share part of the artistic movements of several countries without going through great popular figures, who are already known all over the world.