Laura Garcia Cosculluela
EASD Serra i Abella
Thursday 18 October 09:00h

GRRL! is a graphic design project that poses a critical discourse around gender, seeking the creation of activist strategies based on artistic and political experimentation.

This project, based on a “fake”, creates a fictitious framework that seeks to open new perspectives in the receiver and thus act as a critical and discussion tool. Guerrilla action materializes and becomes real despite the fact that the collective is fictitious.

In the project we find four actors: the center, the graphic action collective GRRL!, a curator / artist who documents the work of the collective, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) as a communicative agent who exhibits the material.

GRRL! attacks the current paradigm of gender, which imposes the logic of patriarchy as a system of domination, structured in the power relationship between man-woman, dominated-dominated.

The project wants to try to fight against these complex social structures, using graphic design as a tool for transformation and social change.