Luis Armero
Art director and Ana & Alex's father
Friday 19 October 20:30h

Luis, besides working as an art director in an agency in Valencia, is the father of two beautiful children, each perfect in his own way.

Alex, the oldest, aged 8, has an “invisible” disease with features of autistic spectrum disorder, which greatly affects his cognitive development.

Ana is 5 years old and has had the luck to live with Alex. Ana despite her young age has something that a lot of adults do not have, a great empathy. His ability to detect, understand and help is partly acquired by the education he received in a center where from the first months of life “standard” children coexist with children with some kind of difference.

From this inclusion we all benefit, both children with autism and others, who learn to live in diversity and tolerance. Something that the system and the political class has not yet realized.