Daniel Solana

Daniel Solana was born in Barcelona. He studies at La Salle Condal. He draws daily strips on the Catalunya Express. He starts the career of Biology. He starts working in the psychopharmacological research area of ​​a pharmaceutical company. He enrolls an Ethology course at the Barcelona Zoo. He does a Histology course at the Chemical Institute of Sarriá. He starts working in an advertising agency as a design assistant. He makes the leap from designer to editor. He writes advertising copy. He writes advertising texts about a new product recently arrived to Spain, barely known: Apple. He publishes Creatas y Executas in the magazine Announcements. He signs as creative director in an agency in Barcelona: Young & Rubicam. He signs as creative director in an agency in Madrid: Contrapunto. He goes to live to San Francisco the year the internet landed on the planet. He has a beautiful daughter at the California Pacific Medical Center: Berta. He returns to Barcelona to found a digital agency: DoubleYou. He has a beautiful daughter at the Teknon Clinic: Miranda. He is amazed at how profoundly the internet is changing the world of advertising. He writes articles on that topic. He gives lectures on that topic. He writes a book on that topic: Postpublicidad. He is amazed at the way the internet is changing our minds. Astonishment turns into obsession. The obsession becomes a book. Desorden is born.