24—26 Oct. 2024
Vilanova i la Geltrú - Barcelona

What it is said about us

Josep Maria Mir

Blanc! is not white, it’s a pantone’s explosion. A global experience that combines knowledge, fun and socialization in a measured, happy and very close combination. You have to live it, because Blanc! have to be lived and breathed.

Olga Llopis

Blanc! is the design event of the year. Intensity, training, discovering new people, surprises… all in a relaxed atmosphere like nowhere else. It’s a must!

Olmo García

We have attended Blanc! since its first edition, and its passion for design captivated us from the first minute. Year after year, it has been improving and maintaining its essence. Blanc! is an essential appointment for any designer or visual artist!

Oliver Montiel

I can’t find the exact words but these by Charles Baudelaire remind me of what I felt in the first Blanc! “Irregularity, that is, the unexpected, surprise or astonishment are essential and characteristic elements of beauty.” Love Blanc!

Jorge Sandua

Blanc! is much more than a festival. It’s a family that love design. And that passion is a stimulating substance that we steal every year keeping us high until the next edition.


It’s the perfect excuse to see professional colleagues and catch up on what’s happening in the world of design.

Núria Garcia

I have lived all these years of Blanc! as a show of projection of ideas where you enjoy perceiving the wide diversity that the world of design can contribute to.

Lucia + Iris

Blanc! has managed to create a very close and relaxed environment, allowing the speakers to feel free to explain and connect with the public, beyond the profession. That essence that it already had in its beginnings continues to be what makes this festival so special today.


Blanc! It’s my favorite design festival. It is a continuous box of surprises where you know that no matter what happens you will feel at home.

Andrés Requena

A design festival where the least important thing is the design, that’s why it is the best.

Eva Jolis

Blanc! is motivation, admiration, new concerns, visual poetry, reunions, unrepeatable sensations, love for culture and design.

Marta y Enric

Blanc! is not just a set of talks; It’s creativity and constant discovery. It’s a Festival that inspires us, provokes us and takes us away from the routine. It is clearly our long awaited oasis of the year. You come out like an explosive bomb wanting to work more and more!

Núria Vila

Blanc! is an injection of inspiration that I need at least once a year. It’s a dynamic festival that stimulates your creativity, while you interact with other designers and where many synergies can arise. A highly recommended festival!

Enrique Guillamón

Blanc! is the place to bring together national talent in the creative sector. A pump of oxygen, inspiration and knowledge to be able to face our work with other views and points of view.
The warmth and attention of the organizing team makes you feel like you are in a big family. Long live Blanc!

Víctor Baroli

Totally different experience to any design festival you have been to. Surprise, magic, music, fun, connection, closeness and many friends. Each Blanc! is unique and unrepeatable. It surpasses any international Festival you can imagine. Do not miss it!

David Romero

Blanc! is fresh, is motivation, is closeness, but above all is culture and knowledge. Crazy but very sane, the great design family that welcomes you with open arms. The ‘pata negra’ of design festivals

Raúl, María y Pedro

An oasis in our daily lives. An incredible experience that helps us feel in community, to see how our problems and our successes are shared by everyone. We are inspired, we listen to other realities and other professional approaches. It’s a fundamental event in the panorama of graphic design and creativity in our country.

Diego Rodríguez

For me Blanc! is like ‘the third half of rugby’, a meeting point, a place to share experiences, to meet interesting people and recover the motivation to go one step further. Pure passion for Design

Arnau Figuerola

Blanc! is a period of time for the reunion with my profession through friends, good acquaintances and people who make me think, they are knots that have been tightened over the years while we talk about what we are passionate about.

Marina Goñi

Blanc! has been and is the perfect excuse to return to Barcelona, meet up with old friends and fill your notebook with the best inspiration.

Silvia Yruela

Blanc! is a place of reunion, knowledge and fun, concentrated in 48 hours all in the same space, a box of surprises where each edition is unique.

Cristian Ferrándiz

Blanc! is that great little FAMILY!

Jordi Corella

Blanc! is adrenaline, leisure, knowledge, visual culture and fun at the same time, it’s the ‘Port Aventura’ for graphic designers, a dizzying experience that goes beyond teaching and learning…

Hellen Cárdenas

Blanc! motivates, inspires, excites, questions, stirs, falls in love, entertains, teaches, remembers, releases, shares, engages, excites and rediscovers. It’s the manifesto of the passion that all attendees feel towards design

Josep Martí

Blanc! is the ideal place to learn design without realizing that you are learning. Awesome speakers, but the people… what wonderful people! Even for me, because I’m not a designer, it is the ideal moment to update myself. This is not a recomendation, this is mandatory. Come on!

Ruben Monmany

Blanc! is learning, sharing, having fun, growing professionally… in short, being able to fully live a life of design in a weekend. An essential vital experience for design students and professionals.

Beatriz Suárez López

David and Raúl have managed to make the Blanc! being a bit of everyone. You feel part of it from the moment you walk through the door.
Every year it’s like going home on vacation, among friends, with the warmth of summer days and the exhilaration of its nightly parties

Luis Armero

The best design festival. Everything in Blanc! is a show!